jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Beautiful autumn

In my entire life autumn has been the season that I prefer, there are many reasons to this. 
First, I like because rain appear, it can be in a gradual or in a heavy way, but is rain. A second reason, is because the sun disappear a little, the temperatures are pleasant, you can have a rest after an exhausting and hot summer. Is like winter but with less cold.
The most beautiful thing of autumn is see how leafs fall.
Really I like autumn because the other seasons are so extreme. In summer, the heat is suffocating, you don't find the manner to feel a little more of cold, you can go out but stay in home is not much better.
I like winter too, but I don't like so much cold, in this season, you need much cloth to increase a little the body temperature.
In the middle of this two extreme seasons the re two: autumn and spring, but spring don't like me because I am allergic, and I suffer with flowers, grease and all things that spring brings. 
So together with the reasons of the beginning, autumn likes me because the others don't like me.

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012


There are many places that likes me. But in this moment I choose a square. 

This square is near of my house, it have games, sits, grass etc. All things that a square have, also, there is a ground.  But for my, it square is important and special because I play there in my firsts years, and then, when I grown up, I stay there with my friends. Now a days, in this place, my friends go to play football.

Together with this, when I was stress or when I want to go out, I go to this square. Here, always you find something to pass the time, this place is in an avenue, so you can see the cars, or many people. Before of stay in the square.

Other thing that likes me of this place, is that you always find someone, people that I know pass always for the square, we talk for a short time, and then they go, or in many times they stay. 
Before to stay in this place, I walk for a few minutes.
I think that this places likes me, because I like sometimes, stay alone and just think, not tragically thoughts, just think.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012


In this moment, there isn't a person that I admire, but I think that Sigmund Freud contributed a lot of to psychology.
Sigmund Freud was born on 6 may of 1856 in Freiberg, he has a complicated jewish family, his father has sons with other women, and this situation wake up his curiosity and intelligence. His real name is Sigismund but he changed it.
File:Sigmund freud um 1905.jpg
His family went ti Viena, and he, with 17 years old, entried to study in Viena University, to be a doctor, in 1881 he gradued of it. He caracterized for used cocaine to medical purpose.
His masterpiece was "Dream's interpretation", and with this, he inaugurated a new form to understand human, the psicoanalyst.
In 1923 was diagnosticated with palate cancer, he felt a lot of pain, and in 1939 he asked for Maw Shur that inyected him morfine to stop suffering, and he died.
I choose this person, because  I think that he give us a lot of information about the humans, may be many persons don't charge his thoughts, but nobody can denied that he was an important person, he created a new school of psychology that influence much people now a days.