jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Beautiful autumn

In my entire life autumn has been the season that I prefer, there are many reasons to this. 
First, I like because rain appear, it can be in a gradual or in a heavy way, but is rain. A second reason, is because the sun disappear a little, the temperatures are pleasant, you can have a rest after an exhausting and hot summer. Is like winter but with less cold.
The most beautiful thing of autumn is see how leafs fall.
Really I like autumn because the other seasons are so extreme. In summer, the heat is suffocating, you don't find the manner to feel a little more of cold, you can go out but stay in home is not much better.
I like winter too, but I don't like so much cold, in this season, you need much cloth to increase a little the body temperature.
In the middle of this two extreme seasons the re two: autumn and spring, but spring don't like me because I am allergic, and I suffer with flowers, grease and all things that spring brings. 
So together with the reasons of the beginning, autumn likes me because the others don't like me.

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