domingo, 1 de julio de 2012


Well to me it was a different experience, I remember that in my life, I heard the name, but never I dedicated to investigate more about the issue. When I was notify of this activity, it really didn't like, I thought that it will be bored, but this experience surprised me.
At the first it was difficult to me, I have to learn new things that I never seen before. Together with this, things relationated with technollogy always produced me a little of reject so this experience was not so nice at the first.
With the time, this activity give the class a different sense. It was funny go class and made a different thing, a different kind of learn.
More than improve my english, make blogs makes me remember words or gramatical things.
Some advantages of make blogs could be remember words, make of class a moment more funny and dinamic. Also write of different kinds of isues, prepares you to a conversation, helps you to have an idea and may be entablish a good conversation.
I don't find disadvantages, mabe we have problems with the manifestation, but always we find a manner of repair this.
I really enjoy make blog, I expected that this manner of learn will be repeat in the future because is so funny.

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  1. i remember the first class that you were really lost about the blog, honey hahaha