jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


  Well, seriously, I don't like technology. 
I remember when I was a child and everything was more simply. The classes are with a normal blackboard, the communication was personal and people was worried by the others. Now a days the things changed with this new system of communication, technology replaced most of things of our normal lives, this is everywhere. 
Because of that, I prefer all kinds of methods to used in my normal life. I try to adapted to this new form of technology, but this is a complicated work. So, I use technology when is necessary and when the others demand to me in works or things like that. 

May be I like technology a little, but I don't agree with the extension of this, extension that cover all the world and this control people's life, many persons depends of technology, they can't live without this and don't remember that in a past era the things was different.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

"EL Abrazo"

Well, now I will tell you about the best concert that I went.
In 2010 I went to "El abrazo" a concert that included a lot of bands, of all the kinds.This concert was in Parque Ohiggins, really, I didn't think go there, but a friend convenced me and I don't regret of that, I bought the ticket with a day of anticipation.
The concert pretends unify to countries, Chile and Argentina with the music, differents and the best bands of both countries were there, and people of both countries too, we (my friend and I) could share with people of other countries and this was very funny.
I decided to go because the ticket was not very expensive, and the quality of the bands were very good. I enjoyed this concert because it was all day, and always a band was in the stage. I thought that I have been bored, but it was very funny, and I discovered that many of the bands that were there, likes me.
The part that I enjoyed more, was in the first part, where showed a video of Gustavo Cerati give nice words to Chile for the earthquake.
The worst part was when I wanted to go home, and the bus didn't stop, so I was to walk to Vicuña Mackena and wait for a bus.
I think that this concert was very good, and I expected that this realized again.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


Hi, now I will tell you about my life.
I was born 19 years ago, october 2, in Santiago, Chile. I was born in a clinic call "Clinica Vitacura".
I have a sister, that is older than me, she is 23 years old.
Well, my life is not much interesting, I live in La Florida, and all my life lived there, in the same house, and with the same persons. I live with my mom, dad and sister. Now a days I have a dog called Rayza, and my sister has a land urchin called Josefina. We are a normal family, with a normal life, sometimes we have troubles and sometimes we are good.

During my firsts years, I went to a kinder garden near of my house, in this place I knew people that now a days, are my closer friends. Then, I entered to my first school, I entered to pre-kinder at Colegio Divina Pastora La Florida, I pass there the best years of my life, I had friends, troubles, enemies, but all this things was good with the time. In 8vo I had to decided about a change of school, it were very difficult but finally I decided live my school and entered to CCP. This school was very strict but with the time I adapted very well. I knew new people and made friends too. I graduated in this school, to be honest, leave the school was not a problem to me.
Then, with mi PSU points, I entered in a career that was not for me, really, I entered for the pressure of my parents. I study commercial engineering for about 1 year, again, I knew people that are my friends now a days. During the last semester of 2011 I decided leave the career, all the conflicts with education, the indifference of my classmates and my "vocation" for other career help me to decide. I get into psychology that was the career that I always want. Here I have friends, a good university life and I love the career ( for the moment).
Now a days I have a normal life, I like go out with friends, listen music, and I start to love read.

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

My First Blog

Hi, my name is Carla, and this is my first english class. I`m 19 years old and I`m study to be a excellent psychologist in Universidad de Chile.
This is my first blog and I hope create more in the semester, so, this blog is a short introduction about my, and my class.
Things that hope learn in this class:
1.- I hope learn more about english, but not grammar english, I hope comment and be able to established a conversation of different issues.
2.- I hope make the class, and funny instance, where we can share with our classmates, and know new people.
3.- I hope pass english with a good grade.
  This things are for the moment, with the time may be I will write something more interesting.