jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

"EL Abrazo"

Well, now I will tell you about the best concert that I went.
In 2010 I went to "El abrazo" a concert that included a lot of bands, of all the kinds.This concert was in Parque Ohiggins, really, I didn't think go there, but a friend convenced me and I don't regret of that, I bought the ticket with a day of anticipation.
The concert pretends unify to countries, Chile and Argentina with the music, differents and the best bands of both countries were there, and people of both countries too, we (my friend and I) could share with people of other countries and this was very funny.
I decided to go because the ticket was not very expensive, and the quality of the bands were very good. I enjoyed this concert because it was all day, and always a band was in the stage. I thought that I have been bored, but it was very funny, and I discovered that many of the bands that were there, likes me.
The part that I enjoyed more, was in the first part, where showed a video of Gustavo Cerati give nice words to Chile for the earthquake.
The worst part was when I wanted to go home, and the bus didn't stop, so I was to walk to Vicuña Mackena and wait for a bus.
I think that this concert was very good, and I expected that this realized again.

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  1. I went to "el abrazo" too!, my cousin give me the ticket because the day before was my birthday jijiji

  2. I didn't go, but i would liked to, very good singers and bands were there!!

  3. I wanted to go... but it wasn't possible :(

  4. I would liked to go :(, but I can´t !!! :(

  5. I go!!! it was really amazing... don't you think!!