jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

My First Blog

Hi, my name is Carla, and this is my first english class. I`m 19 years old and I`m study to be a excellent psychologist in Universidad de Chile.
This is my first blog and I hope create more in the semester, so, this blog is a short introduction about my, and my class.
Things that hope learn in this class:
1.- I hope learn more about english, but not grammar english, I hope comment and be able to established a conversation of different issues.
2.- I hope make the class, and funny instance, where we can share with our classmates, and know new people.
3.- I hope pass english with a good grade.
  This things are for the moment, with the time may be I will write something more interesting.

4 comentarios:

  1. I hope too pass english, only that. I can't believe that you serached a picture hahaha. muac

  2. Hi Carla... you hope a lot of things for this class... I hope that compliance to you

  3. Hello Carla!
    I speak english with you in class

    jajajaja xD

  4. hello carla, how are you?
    I hope you visit my blog :)