jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


Hi, now I will tell you about my life.
I was born 19 years ago, october 2, in Santiago, Chile. I was born in a clinic call "Clinica Vitacura".
I have a sister, that is older than me, she is 23 years old.
Well, my life is not much interesting, I live in La Florida, and all my life lived there, in the same house, and with the same persons. I live with my mom, dad and sister. Now a days I have a dog called Rayza, and my sister has a land urchin called Josefina. We are a normal family, with a normal life, sometimes we have troubles and sometimes we are good.

During my firsts years, I went to a kinder garden near of my house, in this place I knew people that now a days, are my closer friends. Then, I entered to my first school, I entered to pre-kinder at Colegio Divina Pastora La Florida, I pass there the best years of my life, I had friends, troubles, enemies, but all this things was good with the time. In 8vo I had to decided about a change of school, it were very difficult but finally I decided live my school and entered to CCP. This school was very strict but with the time I adapted very well. I knew new people and made friends too. I graduated in this school, to be honest, leave the school was not a problem to me.
Then, with mi PSU points, I entered in a career that was not for me, really, I entered for the pressure of my parents. I study commercial engineering for about 1 year, again, I knew people that are my friends now a days. During the last semester of 2011 I decided leave the career, all the conflicts with education, the indifference of my classmates and my "vocation" for other career help me to decide. I get into psychology that was the career that I always want. Here I have friends, a good university life and I love the career ( for the moment).
Now a days I have a normal life, I like go out with friends, listen music, and I start to love read.

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  1. Welcome to psychology!, I hope you like the career and be happy here! :)

  2. "and the best that i lived this year is know to camila", aw, i know that honey hahaha <3

  3. welcome to the career! (I love the colours of your blog)
    regards! :)

  4. I also Study commercial engineering.... and I change at Psycologhy... Welcome!!