jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012


Is not in my plans leave Chile, but if I need to choose to go in vacation, I will choose Greece. I think that this place have a lot of history, every small places has something to tell us about a serie of important events. Greece is a country that include not only history of this place, also, you find history that affect all the world. Things that you learn in school, things that you watch on TV or movies, are based in this beautiful place. The mythology, I think that is the most important think that you can find here, there are many myths that find their creation on this places, the history of different gods and mythological  creatures with powers that you even seen before are here.
fondo de Grecia
Together with all the things that I mentioned before, you can find in Greece an spectacular scenery. The color of the ocean is an intense blue, it architectonic is so original. All elements of this place, give you a sensation of stay in another era.
If I will go there, I will like to know all thing that I mentioned, all cultural places, and also, I like to know beautiful places.
But like I say, I don't think that I live there or something like that, I only will go to know an important part of world history.

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Community protest

I chose this picture, because I like see a lot of people together, and they are not together for nothing, they are together to express unhappy reference to a specific topic. This was taken by a classmates in a march the april 25th. that was the first march of academic period, this show the canvas of all the campus, that included our faculty, but also include a lot of faculties that are part of Universidad de Chile.

I think that this picture represent the capacity of people to organize when they want to gain something. We know that past year was a year with a lot of community protests, that show us a new part of Chile, a face that we didn't see in a lot of time. This picture show us that this demands continues, and that the people, continues go out to the street to demostrate this unhappy, a pesar de the continues attempt to stop that.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Dr. House

When I watch TV always look up in Universal channel when the program will on the air. 
Dr. House make me laugh a lot, his manner of treat to the other is very especial, they can be interested in someones, but he never show his sensible part. Always find a manner to avoid the things that involve feelings, and always response in a sarcastic way.
I like this TV show because I like the character that represent the actor, with a especial personality he resolve a lot of problems. His attitude is so arrogant but with that he teach to other doctors, or practicing doctor, they can open their minds, and see possibilities that may be in other time, they can't see.
Also is interest see the different kinds of case that show in the TV show, you can inform of something important for your health that you don't know, there are information that can be useful for everyone.
I think that this series is different to others because this have a combination of things, the special personality of Dr. House and the medicine concepts make of this TV show something really interest.