jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Community protest

I chose this picture, because I like see a lot of people together, and they are not together for nothing, they are together to express unhappy reference to a specific topic. This was taken by a classmates in a march the april 25th. that was the first march of academic period, this show the canvas of all the campus, that included our faculty, but also include a lot of faculties that are part of Universidad de Chile.

I think that this picture represent the capacity of people to organize when they want to gain something. We know that past year was a year with a lot of community protests, that show us a new part of Chile, a face that we didn't see in a lot of time. This picture show us that this demands continues, and that the people, continues go out to the street to demostrate this unhappy, a pesar de the continues attempt to stop that.

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