jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012


Is not in my plans leave Chile, but if I need to choose to go in vacation, I will choose Greece. I think that this place have a lot of history, every small places has something to tell us about a serie of important events. Greece is a country that include not only history of this place, also, you find history that affect all the world. Things that you learn in school, things that you watch on TV or movies, are based in this beautiful place. The mythology, I think that is the most important think that you can find here, there are many myths that find their creation on this places, the history of different gods and mythological  creatures with powers that you even seen before are here.
fondo de Grecia
Together with all the things that I mentioned before, you can find in Greece an spectacular scenery. The color of the ocean is an intense blue, it architectonic is so original. All elements of this place, give you a sensation of stay in another era.
If I will go there, I will like to know all thing that I mentioned, all cultural places, and also, I like to know beautiful places.
But like I say, I don't think that I live there or something like that, I only will go to know an important part of world history.

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  1. honey! it's not in my plan either leave Chile! but grece must be a very interesting country

  2. ooh the pictures I have seen are very beautiful. I like to go there

  3. it´s so sad that the government stopped the economical maintaining of the ancient greece, because they are in broke..

  4. the two did the same country!! :P